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I'm just a cyborg with more axes to grind than available hands. You can look at some of the results at [ profile] mechadraw; this site is just where I keep drafts, a code diary, accountability to friends that I'm still alive, etc. Testimonials tend to include terms like 'wordy' and 'flighty'. I have some basic policies for life that might be insightful:

  • Dying is fun

  • Never eat what your pet won't (but not necessarily everything they will)

  • Avoid drawbridges at all costs

I sometimes subscribe to journals I find interesting. Add me back if you like.

If you're looking to get in touch with me, xkcd #1254 may warn you of your impending peril. Sorry.

My pronoun is usually 'she', for those concerned. I'm a fan of grammar that never directly refers to its subject, or cheerily implies I'm death itself, though; basically, as long as it's confusing, you're golden.
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